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Sworn arose as a one-man project in 2005. The demo Night Supremacy was released the same year, and not long after, Sworn became a full band. In 2006, Sworn hit the road and played some live shows around in the Hordaland county. In september that year, Sworn entered Conclave Media Studio to record their debut album.

In March 2007, Sworn signed a record deal with Twilight Vertrieb. The debut album, entitled 'The Alleviation', was released on the 20th of july, 2007. After the release, Sworn teamed up with Torsten from Showbiz Management and a lot of shows were planned. Among them a tour with Behemoth, Aborted and Helrunar in Germany. Starting with the Metal Invasion festival in Passau in November 2007, Sworn began a good festival-gig-year. The year of 2008 held alot of good gigs for Sworn in Germany, like Ragnarök, Walpurgis, Summer Breeze, Ultima Ratio and many more. During this time, material for the next album was written and preparations for the recording were made.

Early in 2009, Sworn had written nine killer tracks for their second album. The result was the acclaimed album Bastards and Conquerors, which hit the stores at the 30th of october.

New material was written for a third full length in 2010, but never finished because members moved out of Bergen for study purposes. To provide the fans with material, three tracks for the upcoming album were released as an EP called Doomlights and the rest of the album plans were cancelled.

In 2016, Sworn had enough material to start fresh plans for a new third full length and now it would for sure become a reality. The majority of 2017 was spent producing the album that would once again make Sworn a force to be reckoned with in the extreme metal scene. 'Dark Stars and Eternity' was released to the public on the 8th of March, 2018. The album was very well received

Max Wilson

Gøran Hope

Christoffer Kjørsvik

Tom Ian Klungland

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